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My Story 

The Heart of a Content Marketer
Soul of a Branding Expert


Let's connect and talk about your content marketing strategy, or projects, or whatever you're looking for to get to the next level

My Experience with Content Marketing

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside top talent recently at a digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. The team is smart, fast, and demanding. All good.

It's thrilling to be excited every day about learning new content and SEO tips and techniques. I also have the opportunity to teach my colleagues by digging into my twenty plus years of experience. 

Using HubSpot's Inbound Marketing methods connects with my heart because it's permission-based advertising that provides information to buyers when they are ready. 

I've invested in multiple HubSpot certifications. Learning the lingo with the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, learning the technology with the Marketing Software Certification, and learning the sales toolset with the Inbound Sales Certification. 


Why Branding is Crucial to Content Marketing

In the early part of my career, I moved across the country and worked with the very best agencies in the country on highly recognizable accounts. 

I learned about strategy and creating a brand while working on Kraft, Pizza Hut, Sara Lee, Lockheed, Cisco, Ford, Isuzu, Air New Zealand, and Honda Motorcycles, to name a few. And won a few awards along the way. 

I was taught how to differentiate a client from its competitors with Nestlé. How to create a distinct brand with Hilton. I was ingrained with the techniques necessary to maintain and extend a brand with Disney and ESPN, and at their level, it became my level, and now it's in my soul. Every content marketing client needs to stay on brand.

The Best of Both Worlds

The many years learning my craft on television commercials and print ads never left me but have enhanced my skills when applying those principals to digital marketing. 

The best anyone can do is continue to learn, the marketing world is rapidly evolving. I've learned the lessons, and made the improvements on other businesses, and bring that knowledge to you. 

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