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DSC Security

Website Redevelopment and Rebrand

The-DSC-website-home-page-has-multiple-c - Redeveloping a Website that Better Fits their Personas

The Background:

The DSC client wanted a clear upgrade of the website's design/aesthetics component. They were looking for a site that was noticeably sleeker, cleaner and more modern than the site that existed at the time. They felt that didn't adequately reflect the identity of DSC.   


Above: an example of the old website that depicted unprofessional-looking technicians and an illustrative approach that the client felt did not fit their brand. 


The Solution:

I developed a look and feel to the website based on the Buyer Personas that had been established for this client. The images should appeal to a largely male, tech-savvy persona. Furthermore, the audience is IT related leaders and managers that are no-nonsense, and business-minded. 

I chose photography with more consultative interactions. The subject matter and the medium more closely align with the brand that they'd like to express to the personas targeted.



While redesigning the website, care was taken to retain the legacy SEO the site had merited over time for page ranking. This task was especially delicate because the client did not like the structuring and organization of the top menu. 

Another issue resolved was that their customers often utilize the site when they are experiencing emergency issues. I developed a pop-up Emergency Services option on the home page, to allow them to quickly and easily locate emergency service options. 

This site is just being updated at the time of writing this case study. I'll report website traffic results as soon as it becomes available. If you'd like to see the full site, go to

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