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Content Marketing

The Background:

Our goal was to develop web-based content offers that engaged with Diversio's audience and lead-nurtured them to book a software demo. 

Diversio connects AI technology, data analytics, and subject matter experts to diagnose mid-sized and large company pain points and deliver training that will drive meaningful Diversity, Equity, and inclusion metrics that HR departments strive for.


The Solution:

The process started with understanding what their leads were looking for when searching for DEI services, accomplished with interviewing current clients and determining lead segmentations, and relevant content offers for each group. we delivered a variety of content offers that created engagement and allowed the sales team to follow-up with prospects.


The Result:

I am proud of the unique formatting accomplished in the above landing page example of the "Through The Eyes Campaign. 

I am equally pleased with the performance of the content campaigns, including the second example on this page for Case studies". 

The Case Studies' content drove:

  • website visits 303% from the previous year

  • Organic search downloads  +15.38%

  • Direct search downloads +50%

  • Paid Search +40%

DIVERSIO Case Studies - Landing Page.png
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