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From Buyer Personas to a Content Marketing Campaign

The Campaign Started with
Creating Buyer Personas

The Background:

NameStormers did not have a Content Marketing Strategy. To begin with, the company knew who their clients were. They did not have a documented process to help them determine which content offers would work for which type of buyer they had, or which kind of offer would appeal to each buyer type. 



The Solution:

We defined three different buyer types. I was given access to their customers that fit each profile and the go-ahead to contact each buyer. 


Primary Research - I developed a set of questions to ask each of the persona buyer types and after reviewing the questions, I got permission from the client to contact and interview each buyer type. The interviews resulted in a first-round document of approximately 3,000 words each for three personas. The resulting personas were distilled to 3 pages on a PowerPoint for each persona.

The Outcome:

The personas helped inform the content marketing campaign strategy every step of the way. The stages are:

  1. Develop the Buyer Personas

  2. Develop Content Marketing Strategy with offers to select from for each of the customer types

  3. Develop the selected Content Marketing Strategy Offer. 

  4. I connect a writer with the client-side content matter expert for an interview. I directed the process based on what information we learned that the buyer is looking for when interviewing the personas. The writer created an outline, and then the eBook content

  5. I wrote a creative brief based on the personas and directed the designer to build this eBook.

  6. I created content marketing strategy campaign assets in copy form, starting with SEO Keyword phrases for this client, and layer those phrases into CTAs, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Thank You Emails, Email Blasts, And Email Lead Nurture Campaigns.

  7. I designed the CTAs, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Thank You Emails, Email Blasts, And Email Lead Nurture Campaigns.

  8. I set up the campaign in the HubSpot Customer Management System. Then I arrange to have Google analytics started and launched the campaign through website CTAs and email blasts.


The eBook Content Offer

SEO Keyword Phrases
Business names

Business name maker


Project Title
The Method and Process of Creating Business Names


Are you looking to help your company move forward on a product naming project? Or are you looking to rename your company? What should your company be looking for in a naming methodology and process?

The Call-To-Action


The Landing Page (Partial View)


The Thank You Page 

Email Blast

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